We offer... Flexible Shipping Options
How it works?


Receive your very own Dept# and US address via email.

Chose which shipping method you prefer when purchasing items online. Change from N to S to C anytime. We deliver to your door.

Guaranteed Next Day

Add N to your address for Guaranteed Next Shipping Day:
Eg. Joe Brown
Dept 11N(for Next Day: 1-2 Business day)
4458 NW 74th
(sign upfor your full US address)

Up to 2.99 lbs – $ 7.99

3.00 to 4.99 lbs. – $ 8.50

Per pound $ 1.95

Arrives in 1-2 Business Days

Ready after 3pm for pickup

Standard Shipping

Standard shipping
• Add S to your address for Standard Shipping:
Eg. Joe Brown
Dept 11S (for Standard Shipping: 2-5 Business Days)

4458 NW 74th
(sign up for your full US address)

Up to 2.99 lbs – $ 5.99

3.00 to 4.99 lbs. – $ 7.89

Per pound $ 1.49
(default shipping method)

Arrives in 2-5 Business Days

Ready after 3pm for pickup

No Rush (Economy)

Economy shipping
• Add X to your address for Standard Shipping:
Eg. Joe Brown
Dept 11X (for Standard Shipping: 3-8 Business Days)

4458 NW 74th
(sign up for your full US address)

Up to 2.99 lbs – $ 3.99

3.00 to 4.99 lbs. – $ 5.99

Per pound $ .99


Arrives in 3-8 Business Days

Ready after 3pm for pickup


Add C to your address to Consolidate in one shipment:
Eg. Joe Brown
Dept 11C (for Consolidations)

4458 NW 74th….
(sign up for your full US address)

Per pound $ 1.35

Flat rate Service fee $10

Consolidate up to 30 Days


Select your date to ship (arrives 2-5 business days for Standard Consolidations or 1-2 Business days for Next Day Consolidations)


As low as $10

Anywhere in Nassau or any Mailboat (Mailboat delivery is FREE!!)

Book Delivery online, email or call us as early as your 1st notification

Receive your package as early as 1 day after arrival in Nassau

On Time Every time!

We offer... Hassle Free Solutions

Ordering Assistant
Not sure how to find that part or item you need? We are ready to help! We offer an Ordering Assistant FREE of charge to our clients. Looking for help finding items, click here.

US Pickups
Let us shop for you! We make it easy and affordable to get your stuff in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area. Fill out the Pickup Form here.

Assist me! I don’t have a credit card!
No credit card? It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Come into our store and 1. Pick your product 2. Pay the purchase price plus 5-10% 3. Pick up your package in our store upon arrival. Need it picked up in Miami or Fort Lauderdale? Refer to our US Pickups area for details, click here.

Full Online Services & Payments
Hey we love to see our clients at the store, but if you never want to come in you can do everything online including, booking your package to be delivered to your door. So affordable and easy that you won’t become a believer until you have tried it!

Easy Pick Up Location
We are in a cozy lil spot with tons of parking, light traffic and friendly committed staff.  You will never want to go anywhere else! Visit us at #1 Island Plaza, East Shirley St, the most western spot.

Our Commitment

Honestly Honest
The foundation of our business is based on honesty. You can be assured we are accountable and a fair market player.

Really Reliable
Through careful planning and a well-diversified team we have knocked out the stops to ensure we offer a reliable solution.

Seriously Simple
While the engine under the hood is complex your experience will feel simple! Let us worry about the schematics while you enjoy the end result: your package in your hand quickly and affordably!